About Shifra Malka

(Malka pronounced moll-kuh)

Shifra is fascinated with the inner spaces humans inhabit.



As the producer and host of a weekly radio program on social and educational issues that aired live in the Mid-Atlantic region, Shifra was known for eliciting hard, honest responses from her interviewees when posing the questions that others were too hesitant to ask.

Underlying these conversations was one pressing question Shifra always wanted to answer: what makes our lives matter? Daring to step right into the heart of life’s complexities, her search for answers to this question is refreshingly approachable and impactful.

Writing and Communications Consultant

Shifra currently serves as the vice-president of project development for a web-based writing and communications company that assists corporate and non-profit enterprises with shaping their verbal and written communications. Among diverse professional credits, she has crafted messages for an online greeting card company and has written and recorded radio commercials, corporate phone scripts, and organizational videos.

She has been invited to present on topics of spiritual, personal, and creative growth and development in a variety of academic and corporate settings, ranging from university students to women entrepreneurs.

Community Activism

Her lengthy list of community activism includes past service for the Association for Women in Communications, Washington D.C. and current service on the board of a non-profit organization dedicated to helping singles meet and marry.

Shifra resides in Maryland, where she occasionally puts her pen down so that she can roam around in pursuit of her next writing desk.

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