As an experienced radio host and award-winning communicator, and a deep believer in the Divinely-given power of each person, it is my mission to communicate this simple message:

Live a Large Life: DARE!

Shifra is a WomanSpeak™ International Circle Leader
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This purpose-driven memoir, combined with powerful lessons for rebuilding individual mattering, will fuel your life in meaningful and miraculous ways. Compassionate and healing to those wounded by harsh messages about who they are or aren’t, and energizing for all who want to make their lives large and remarkable, it is a call to satisfACTION.

“With Shifra Malka’s personal voice, she will undoubtedly broadcast the meaning of mattering in a singularly potent manner.”
Barbara Sher, NY Times best-selling author on creativity

Waiting for the world to tell you that you matter?

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