“With Shifra Malka’s personal voice, she will undoubtedly broadcast the meaning of mattering in a singularly potent manner.”
Barbara Sher, NY Times best-selling author on creativity

This purpose-driven memoir, combined with powerful lessons for rebuilding individual mattering, will fuel your life in meaningful and miraculous ways. Dare to Matter is an exquisite call to satisfACTION.

Advance Praise for Dare to Matter

“Ms. Malka has an arresting writing voice which immediately pulls the reader in. More importantly, I applaud her way of presenting her own personal story, enfolding it into broader issues of mattering that will enable many, no matter how the details of their own life stories differ, to find themselves in her narrative.”
—Rebecca Newberger Goldstein, Ph.D., Princeton University, philosopher and novelist, 2014 Recipient of National Humanities Medal Award
“In Dare to Matter, Ms. Malka has written a compelling and courageous book about one of life’s most important topics, namely, that we are all created to matter. The author beautifully compels her readers to rethink their circumstance and rediscover for themselves how we all possess personal power to lead our lives in meaningful and miraculous ways. I urge you to read this important, very well-written book. It is, in a word, superb.”
—Brigadier General John E. Michel, author, Executive Director of Skyworks Global
“Malka’s writing is very compelling, and her insights keen. The links she forges between diet, weight, health and the deeper issues of purpose and passion produce a chain of powerful and important reasoning that deserves to be shared. I very much endorse the effort.”
Dr. David Katz, founding director of Yale University, Yale-Griffin Preventive Research Center

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